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Pre-Assembled | Save Time
If you are not sure how you should be measuring your kitchen, you can check out our easy to follow measuring guidelines. If you send us a drawing, one of our many professional kitchen designers will be happy to help.
One of our design experts will work off any measurements and pictures that you provide to design you an extraordinary kitchen. We can usually deliver your finished design in just one day.
Once you are totally satisfied with the design, you just have to convert the item list we provided into your cart and checkout. We will be able to take care of the shipping and all the rest of the work.

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Buy Pre-Assembled and RTA Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Online
1. Choose your cabinet color – You can browse through our wide selection of cabinet colors and styles and then compare the pricing for each selection in 10’x10’ Price. Click HERE to see what’s included in a 10x10 kitchen. This price may not match your actual price but it should give you a good idea of the relative pricing for each different cabinet choice.
2. Measure your kitchen – You can learn How To Measure Your Kitchen and even submit to our Free Design Service. Then we will return the most ideal design along with pricing usually on the same day. That way you know exactly how much your cabinets will cost before you buy online.
3. Order sample doors – After you design is finished and you have a quote, we recommend that you order your sample door before you make your purchase online. That way you will be able to see the quality of our products in person. As of right now, you can register an account on our website and use the coupon code [WELCOME] at the checkout page in order to save $5 on your sample door order.
4. Review and place order online – If you review our Ordering Guidelines you will be able to confirm that you will be getting all of the cabinets and the accessories, or you can Contact Us and request an itemized list. Register and then add all the items to the cart, apply any applicable discounts, choose your shipping method and pay for your total.
5. Receive your order - You can then review our Shipping Policy online which will provide you with all the info you need like order preparation, transit times, and the delivery procedures. Once you have received the cabinets you can start building your dream kitchen. View the Assembly Instructions for any questions regarding assembly.

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Discount RTA Cabinets Store Online

RTA stands for ready to assemble cabinets, but what it truly means is savings. While planning kitchen or bathroom remodeling you likely have budget constraints like anybody else. Staying within budget can be a nonstop juggling act and take some serious work. If you’re shopping around for methods to reduce the cost of your project, you should read more about the significant advantages when you order RTA cabinets online.

Ready to find the perfect RTA cabinets right away? Check out our American or Euro styles now.

What Are RTA Cabinets and Why Do I Want Them?

At one time you could only purchase assembled cabinets from furniture or hardware stores, or out of catalogs. It was a quaint era of inconvenience and extreme delays. Today you can get online and make educated purchase decisions then click to order virtually anything; RTA cabinets are no exception.

Ready to assemble cabinets are all of the building blocks of your new kitchen or bathroom storage bundled together. Packed with all their own hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, they arrive in easily stored flat boxes for your convenience. Since the assembly isn’t being performed prior to delivery, you save tremendously on your new cabinet solutions. It is no great surprise why RTA has become such an incredibly popular choice among remodelers in recent years.

Our RTA Kitchen Cabinets Are Built to Last

If you are considering RTA cabinets then you may have concerns about the quality and lifetime of your investment in kitchen storage. When shopping online, we all can experience anxiety about the integrity of the product we’re ordering. It just makes you a smart consumer!

At, our philosophy is that the kitchen isn’t a place anyone should have to compromise in quality of construction for. We specialize in RTA cabinets that combine a unique visual appeal with state-of-the-art innovation. No more banging cabinet doors as you actively move about the kitchen grabbing ingredients or utensils with our Soft close hinges.

Your RTA Bathroom Cabinets or Vanity Are Waiting

The accessories in your bathroom serve to reinforce its role as a peaceful place in your home. You need to be able to rely on your cabinets and vanity to be highly functional while also providing a calming aesthetic. You also need to ensure that any accessories are easy to keep clean and dry. This can be a tall order, particularly for a space prone to humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations. Our robust selection of RTA bathroom cabinets and vanities has your answer. Shop with convenience in our online catalog to find your perfect RTA cabinets cheap and easily. is Your Source for Cheap Cabinets Online

To put it bluntly, we know RTA. Our team stay current with trends in kitchen and bathroom décor as well as the latest designs for cabinetry. Our site is designed with your ease and comfort in mind; we provide all of the information you need in useable and readable info. If you have any questions or concerns about an order, you can chat with one of our friendly representatives with a single click at the bottom of your page or give us a call.

Offering everyday styles and niche looks to make each kitchen and bathroom special, our selection of ready to assemble cabinets are sure to satisfy you. Browse through our available options to find inexpensive alternatives to pre-assembled cabinets that still fit your home’s personal design. Enjoy the knowledge that you had a hand in assembling a part of your kitchen or bathroom each time you appreciate the beautiful wood finish.

Have questions about our cabinets or interested in speaking with the knowledgeable and helpful staff of our RTA cabinet store? Call 855-929-8975 today.