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If you are not sure how you should be measuring your kitchen, you can check out our easy to follow measuring guidelines. If you send us a drawing, one of our many professional kitchen designers will be happy to help.
One of our design experts will work off any measurements and pictures that you provide to design you an extraordinary kitchen. We can usually deliver your finished design in just one day.
Once you are totally satisfied with the design, you just have to convert the item list we provided into your cart and checkout. We will be able to take care of the shipping and all the rest of the work.

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Buy Pre-Assembled and RTA Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Online
1. Choose your cabinet color – You can browse through our wide selection of cabinet colors and styles and then compare the pricing for each selection in 10’x10’ Price. Click HERE to see what’s included in a 10x10 kitchen. This price may not match your actual price but it should give you a good idea of the relative pricing for each different cabinet choice.
2. Measure your kitchen – You can learn How To Measure Your Kitchen and even submit to our Free Design Service. Then we will return the most ideal design along with pricing usually on the same day. That way you know exactly how much your cabinets will cost before you buy online.
3. Order sample doors – After you design is finished and you have a quote, we recommend that you order your sample door before you make your purchase online. That way you will be able to see the quality of our products in person. As of right now, you can register an account on our website and use the coupon code [WELCOME] at the checkout page in order to save $5 on your sample door order.
4. Review and place order online – If you review our Ordering Guidelines you will be able to confirm that you will be getting all of the cabinets and the accessories, or you can Contact Us and request an itemized list. Register and then add all the items to the cart, apply any applicable discounts, choose your shipping method and pay for your total.
5. Receive your order - You can then review our Shipping Policy online which will provide you with all the info you need like order preparation, transit times, and the delivery procedures. Once you have received the cabinets you can start building your dream kitchen. View the Assembly Instructions for any questions regarding assembly.

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Discount RTA Cabinets Store Online

RTA cabinets are ready to assemble cabinets. Simply put, they are unassembled cabinets that the homeowner will need to put together. In the past, homeowners were more familiar and bought assembled cabinets, but to help save on cost, RTA cabinets have become a more popular choice compared to their assembled counterparts. Ready to assemble cabinets are packaged in flat boxes with all of the cabinets components and hardware needed to assemble the cabinet. This includes: the cabinet side, back, bottom panel, and shelves to assemble the cabinet box, cabinet doors and frame, drawers, screws, hinges, and drawer glides.


In today's technological day and age, almost anything can be purchased online. This is no different for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Homeowners can do their research and select their desired cabinet style online, instead of spending time at a local home improvement store only to find out they do not carry what you want, or the price is too high. There are many companies that sell RTA kitchen cabinets online, and knowing how to distinguish good quality from the poor ones, will save you time, money, and frustration; see our article "How to Determine a Cabinet's Quality Yourself" for more information.

So what are the advantages of purchasing ready to assembled cabinets versus assembled ones? The number one reason is cost. Assembled cabinets are usually 30-50% more expensive than ready to assembled ones, but the quality is the same. Since both types of cabinets are sold online and need to be shipped, you not only save on the cabinet cost but the shipping cost as well. Since ready to assembled cabinets are packaged in flat boxes, a whole kitchen can normally be shipped in 1-2 pallets instead of 5-8 and are less likely to get damaged. You may need to hire a contractor or builder to assemble the cabinets, but that is usually less expensive than purchasing assembled cabinet. If you are able to assemble them yourself, you can further save. There are many different cabinet assembly videos, but the overall assembly is similar even between different companies. Ready to assemble cabinets take thirty minutes to assemble for homeowners unfamiliar with assembling cabinets, but after the first cabinet, the rest is similar and can be assembled in a reduced amount of time. Other advantages of RTA cabinets are that companies can hold a large amount of stock. For homeowners who are in a hurry, or do not want to wait weeks for local home improvement stores to have their products in stock, The RTA Cabinets has all our items in stock and can be shipped out in 1-3 days. Delivery time will vary based on location, with the longest usually only seven days. Local customers can order and pick up the same day.

Ordering RTA kitchen cabinets online for the first time may seem confusing and difficult, but it is quite simple. Just follow these three steps: browse and choose a door style, add the desired cabinets to your cart, place order and receive your cabinets within a week and a half or less. For homeowners who don’t have a list of what they will need, one more step will solve the issue. Request a free design request here: and our designers will get back to you with a design layout and 3D renderings, as well as guide you every step of the way to receive your perfect kitchen at the best price possible.

Why You Should Shop at

Having the perfect home means having the perfect accessories. You don’t want to compromise on design, quality, and construction of all your materials and products. This applies to everything, including the walls, floors, and even cabinets. They make our home feel and look like ours; inputting our own personalities.

When you do choose your kitchen cabinets, you need to think of your overall theme in the house, as well as your space. You may want a big, warm kitchen with a country style look and urban practicality. That means looking for something different to the everyday cabinets you’ll find in most places. specializes in beautiful, unique, state-of-the-art cabinets, offering functionality at the same time. Our dedication to great service and quality products is the reason we succeed. Our one goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied, and we do that by working with you every step of the way to create the home of your dreams.

Another reason people love us is because we offer cabinets that assemble quickly and easily. They all come with clear step-by-step instructions, so you can’t go wrong. You also get to save a fortune, while getting the quality and look you want. Our customizable wooden cabinets don’t have the premium prices other stores have, and there’s no need to hire someone to install them to save you further.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets at Your Fingertips:

We know just how important the kitchen is for you. At we’ll make sure your cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, while being fully functional. We know that the cabinets need to flow with your current décor around the rest of the house. There are a range of designs available, whether you want a contemporary urban look or an early Shaker’s style. We can help remodel your current kitchen or build a new one from scratch. You’ll also get cabinets that are spacious inside, and offer plenty of workspace on top, so you can enjoy your time in the heart of the home.

Stylish Bathroom Cabinets:

Feel proud of your bathroom cabinets with We know that you want something special that gives you a peaceful space, and we’re here to help you create that. Let your bathroom become your refuge after a hard day at work. There is a large range of cabinets and vanities for the bathroom, both beautiful and practical for all your needs. With constant temperature change and moisture, it’s important bathroom furniture is made with the best materials. We only choose those that will protect against wear and tear, so you’re not constantly paying for repairs and replacements.

There’s no need to spend a fortune when it comes to creating your dream home, especially not with by your side. Let us help you, whether you need bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

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