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Affordable Hardwood Cabinets

If you want some great looking quality cabinets then you should be looking for something uses real hardwood for the doors and frame. Wood veneers might look nice but nothing is better than having doors that are real solid wood. A real solid wood door just feels right.

Naturally, prices can vary from one source to another and some cabinet companies just don’t use all the same woods. Despite that, the four types of hardwood that are commonly used in cabinet manufacturing are Birch, Rubber tree, Poplar, and Maple.


Poplar wood can be found in most hardware stores. It is usually the most inexpensive hardwoods that one can buy. It is much softer than most hardwoods with a Janka rating of 540 lbs. Many do not even consider Poplar to be hardwood. A popular wood for sure, especially for woodworking but it is certainly a less common wood for cabinet doors.


Maple wood is one of the most popular woods for cabinet making. Maple is a little plain when compared to the really expensive and sought-after woods like Oak and Walnut but it is a lot more affordable. While it is hard to give average prices because there are so many variations of each type of wood with different prices for each, it is safe to say that most Maple woods will be significantly cheaper than Walnut or good Oak. Maple is a strong and durable hardwood and it has a light and uniform grain structure. This makes maple one of the easiest woods to stain or paint. Because of this versatility, Maple has become one of the most common cabinet hardwoods available.


Birch is known as “the poor man's Maple.” It shares many of the same attributes as Maple wood but it is just a little less striking. Birch can be purchased for notably less than Maple wood. Like Maple, Birch takes a stain very well and can be painted as well. It is a strong and sturdy wood that will make good cabinets that last. Birch is less expensive than Maple but it is usually more expensive than Poplar. However, the strength and durability you will get from Birch more than makeup for the additional upfront cost.

Rubber Tree

The wood from the Rubber tree might not strike you as an obvious choice for cabinets. But there are a number of really great features that make this affordable option one of the best woods to make some quality kitchen cabinets. Rubberwood is planted on huge plantations where they harvest a raw liquid to make latex. Once the plantations are done with the trees, and they have produced all the latex they can for one lifetime, the land must be cleared to make room for the next crop. This means that the wood that is made from these trees is being repurposed into usable timber for cabinets and furniture. This makes Rubber tree wood very affordable and eco-friendly. An additional advantage that is found in Rubber tree wood is that it is less susceptible to warping from temperature changes. As long as Rubber tree wood is being sourced responsibly, you can bet that Rubber tree wood will continue to grow in popularity with the kitchen cabinet crowd.