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Bathroom Vanities

Styles of Bathroom Vanity for Every Home

Going through a remodel and redesigning your bathroom isn’t complete without considering available bathroom vanity options for the space. The calming aesthetic within the room can be amplified significantly with a charming and stylish vanity that meshes well with your other design decisions. Ensuring that it also provides you with ample storage can help to maintain a clutter-free countertop and pristine relaxation.

Your vanity selection can vary in fundamental design between built-in options or freestanding ones, but even these are split between modern and traditional styles. In general, there is a tendency among homeowners to lean toward built-in varieties for larger bathrooms as they afford more countertop as well as cabinetry.

A Note on Vanity Countertops & Measuring for Success

Whether you are considering a ready to assemble bathroom vanity or pre-assembled one, you will have to decide whether to get one that comes with an attached countertop. There are plenty of options available for vanity bases where you can pick up your own sink or countertop separately and some remodels really benefit from this. If you have a very distinctive style for your bathroom remodel, you may be invested in getting a unique countertop which works best with the overall theme of the room. No matter the path you take, just keep an eye on how the countertop works stylistically with your floors and any other mirrors or accessories.

Have you already done measurements in your bathroom that will need to accommodate your future vanity? Knowing ahead of time what your space budget is can save you a lot of trouble and time in searching for the right solution. Don’t forget to also measure for your countertop as these can extend to varying degrees beyond the dimensions of the cabinets.

RTA Bathroom Vanities

Available in all of the styles and sizes most remodels need, ready to assemble bathroom vanities are the ideal fit for some homes. RTA vanities open the door to a more modular approach in your new bathroom layout, permitting you to spread your design theme with multiple components more easily.

RTA Bathroom Vanities

We offer a robust selection of RTA vanities and their associated countertops in our online cabinet store. You can compare cabinet styles as well as our available countertops with your bathroom to determine the right style matches to suit your needs. Since you’re eliminating assembly cost from the equation, the RTA bathroom vanity route is also one of the most inexpensive. Get the appearance and durability of a pre-assembled or customized vanity at a mere fraction of the cost! Enjoy knowing that you helped to fashion a portion of that serene space yourself after a simple and hassle-free assembly.

Modern Style Bathroom Vanities

Pre-assembled bathroom vanities with modern styles are growing in popularity. Contemporary bathrooms are in vogue and call for a vanity that doesn’t conflict with clean lines and a contemporary feel. Our modern bathroom vanities are distinguished by their highly functional appearance; there is no mistaking them with more traditional designs. Arriving pre-assembled with countertops already affixed, they’re the epitome of “get up and go” manufacturing. Begin enjoying your new stylish modern bathroom vanity right away.

Modern Style Vanities

More inexpensive than our traditional furniture style vanities, modern may end up being your cheapest route when you factor in time. Since they come pre-assembled, you also don’t have to invest any of the time you would with an RTA option. There is no question why these are the most popular style for our budget-conscious remodelers.

Traditional Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities

Available in a variety of beautiful styles from popular shaker to more ornate appearances, you will love our traditional furniture style vanity options. More homey or eclectic bathrooms should be paired with vanities that have a lot of character and charm. With all of the color and exquisite finishes you can find from our selections, you will be able to locate a pre-assembled vanity that fits right in with your new bathroom design.

Furniture Style Vanities

These designs afford you a stimulating visual centerpiece to build around when you’ve found the one you love. Match your countertops with filigreed tile or a busy looking marble to add sophistication and class in even a smaller space.