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How Do I Get the Best Quality RTA Cabinets?

RTA cabinets are often the best choice for your kitchen remodel. Their price usually makes them an attractive option for many contractors and homeowners. But there are a lot of different RTA providers out there and their products are not all created equally.

What is RTA?

RTA stands for Ready To Assemble. To put it very simply, RTA cabinets are any cabinets that are sold in a pre-built but unassembled state. They are cabinets that are sold in big cardboard boxes ready for you to put them together in your home. RTA cabinets come in preset sizes and colors. You do not get the same level of options that you can expect from custom cabinets, but you get them right away and you get them at a fraction of the price.

What makes RTA cabinets the better option?

If you want a lot of options to choose from, don’t rule out RTA cabinets right away. Custom cabinet makers wait to stain or paint your cabinets until after you have ordered and paid for them, this is how they can have dozens of variations of color for each type of cabinet. This is also why they are so slow in making your cabinets over the course of several months. Many RTA companies have a lot of different colors and styles to choose from. When you remodel your kitchen you will have a whole new look for the room. You will find that the dozens of options are usually more than enough to find a great cabinet that will make your new kitchen look amazing. Furthermore, when you go with RTA cabinets you also get your cabinets shipped to you right away. If that were not enough to convince you; the RTA cabinets will cost you far less than similar cabinets that were custom made.

I heard RTA cabinets don’t last.

Less than 20 years ago the quality cabinets all came from custom and semi-custom cabinets. RTA cabinets had a lot of customers but they were clearly providing the low cost/low-quality option within the industry. But much of that has changed now. There are still many RTA companies that make very low-quality cabinets and the custom cabinets are still generally good quality with high prices. However, there are now a number of RTA cabinet companies that provide high-quality cabinets. Some RTA cabinets are made as good, if not better than, some of the custom cabinet products. And the best part is that these RTA cabinets that compete in quality are still far lower in price than the custom cabinets.

What about the cheapest cabinets?

You can buy cheap cabinets and they will save you some money but they will not last as long. Most of the extremely cheap cabinets have revealing features that tell about their lack of quality. Particleboard and Pressed board are materials you should never use to make cabinets. Composite woods like those fall apart very easily. Anytime you have to screw something into particleboard the bits of sawdust begin to fall out. Eventually, the door handles, door knobs, and hinges begin to get loose and wobbly while the drawer faces fall off. If they are made without dovetailed joints, the drawer boxes will also fall apart. Many of the cheap cabinets have plywood panels that are less than ½ inch thick. Many of these cabinets will save you extra money up front but you have to realize that over time it will cost you more money, time, and effort.