//6 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends that Increase Home Value Fast

6 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends that Increase Home Value Fast

Know the Hottest Trends in Cabinet Design Before You Start Your Remodel

You want your next big kitchen facelift to give your home a whole new look. After all, a remodel is a big investment not only in how you enjoy your kitchen but also your house’s future value.

What if there were 6 excellent new trends to choose from with just your kitchen cabinet design…

…and any one of them could increase your home value while giving you a truly amazing and inviting new kitchen?

You’d probably want to know about them right away!

Well you’re in luck. We’re going to share usable info with you in this post to improve your home value, even on a shoestring budget. And it’s data that you can get moving with TODAY.

1. Custom Colors

Some of the most modern kitchens can still appear mundane and drab without enough color. You’re looking for your remodel to add a flair of character and unique personality; it should transform your kitchen into its own bold statement. An infusion of color, whether it is a sequence of soft neutrals or a splash of exciting bright vibrance, is a phenomenal way to make everything more noticeable. Distinguishing your kitchen can be as simple as a new color in cabinets.


These neutral white shaker cabinets augment the interesting backsplash

The desirability of such simple updates is so great that manufacturers have changed their approach to serving your needs. Direct partnerships with paint companies have become the norm, permitting them to supply a nearly limitless variety of finish colors.

What Does it Mean to You?

Customizing your cabinet colors allows you the greatest degree of latitude in designing a space that matches your personal style in life. Neutral colors are great favorites presently, including grey, white, and soft wood tones.


Neutral grey cabinets perfectly suit the color splashes in this kitchen

There are three primary categories of colors that you can look into:

  • Light tones: Neutrals like those referenced above. Simple, soft and clean with a timeless ability to complement other kitchen features
  • Medium tones: Medium tones: Blues, darker woods, and even yellows
  • Dark tones: Black, chocolate, and deep blues provide a distinctively modern approach to offsetting other colors used in the kitchen. These are bold cabinet color choices that provide a dramatic impact on the look of the space

Unsurpassed luxury is afforded by these cocoa cabinets

Ultimately, homeowners desire colors that set the proper tone for their individual personalities. Historically, custom colors demanded that you seek out expensive custom cabinets that inflated remodel budgets far beyond the scope of imagination. These days, you can get virtually any style, finish, or color in ready-to-assemble options.

2. Style for Transitions

Deliberately styling for expert and desirable transitions is of paramount importance in creating beautiful looks. This can include tactics such as using splashes of contemporary aesthetic while maintaining an overall traditional warmth in the kitchen. Consider it a universal constant within keeping a kitchen appealing while improving your home’s value.

Some great examples of transitional styling done right can include:

  • Combining tiles with a natural stone appearance with gloss white cabinetry
  • Modern leather chair and seat covers combined with wood wainscoting
  • Installing Euro style modern cabinets in an ornate architectural wonder
  • Using matte black hardware alongside traditional white shaker cabinets

Combining transitional elements is an artform in itself–one that a great designer can’t afford not to be expert in. One of the many reasons our customers recommend us so highly is our crack team of kitchen and bathroom designers who not only have an excellent practical understanding of spatial layouts, but a keen eye for beauty. You can speak with one of our designers any time for answers and guidance on your remodel.


We design true “Goldilocks” just-right combinations of neutral colors

Transitional styling isn’t a fresh concept–what’s new is what great designers bring to the stage. It can be extremely difficult for a poor designer to correctly implement deliberate harsh contrasts that still look amazing and planned out, rather than garish. When a potential buyer can appreciate the craft of tones and style that you put into your kitchen, they’ll be scrambling for a pen to sign papers.

3. Simplicity in Aesthetics

Home décor is seeing a wave of change towards modernity that kitchens certainly haven’t been immune to. One of the most apparent aspects of this shift is a very clean and no-frills aesthetic creeping in to cabinets. We expect that this trend toward minimalism will continue to expand as a more European sensibility takes hold further within the U.S.

Modern cabinets are unencumbered by the ornate woodwork and sometimes downright unsightly “extras” you can find in older kitchens. Whether you’re looking at recessed door panels with very clean lines or totally flat exteriors, this tendency towards simplicity also provides greater mobility for the avid kitchen-goer. The addition of low profile hardware like handles and knobs takes this to a higher level.


These glossy charcoal flat panel cabinets provide breathtaking reflections

Smooth edge profiles and clean straight lines embody the heart of a reductive aesthetic which allows striking granite backsplashes and countertops to flourish for the eye. Removing clutter increases a peaceful serenity throughout the area. While this style appears to be a truly luxury option, these affordable kitchen cabinets are very cheap online.

4. Variety in Finishes

With major technological leaps in recent years around techniques for finishing cabinet surfaces, there is virtually no limit to the look of your kitchen. From weathered neutral shades to vibrant and deep woods, the mind boggles at the endless possibilities. Taking advantage of this variety is one of the best ways to make a profitable venture out of your next remodel–use an amazing and unique finish to create a look all your own.


A maple finish provides a very inviting atmosphere

Many homeowners in prior years have felt needlessly committed to a single cabinet style for their upper and base cabinetry. Taking advantage of the vast multitude of styles, there is no need to pigeonhole yourself into a single look. Use a gradient approach with your cabinets if you like! Make your transition truly come alive.


Striking Pomona Cinnamon cabinets bring a kitchen to life

One slightly less adventurous but more tried and true approach is to use a kitchen island to make a striking piece in your new kitchen. A recent customer of ours wanted their new kitchen to be evocative of their New England roots while being firmly modern. Committed to their satisfaction, we furnished a placid gray surrounding with a navy blue island that expresses the sea beautifully:


A New England flair with simplicity

A kitchen island is a fun breakaway piece to utilize in setting a different tone. Don’t feel limited in your options! Even combining two or more starkly contrasted colors can be brilliant, when planned out properly. A wood element somewhere in the mix is the key; it eases the mixture of even the most opposed shades and colors. Note, though, that it is still advisable to stick to more neutral colors for transitions. The important takeaway is: Don’t content yourself with cookiecutter appearances! Be bold.

5. Glass Cabinet Doors

Open or floating shelves have been made to look extremely appealing on home improvement blogs and Pinterest posts alike. We aren’t interested in debating their aesthetic merits: but the risks they pose to your kitchen, sanitation, and cookware are significant. Having to replace an entire stack of ceramic bowls or plates after a single meal is not only cumbersome, but a risk to your dinnerware on a potentially daily basis. Beyond that, open shelving poses the very real possibility of splash-back from your sink or stovetop directly onto the items you intend to eat off of! When the neat idea of reclaimed open shelving meets reality, it’s a no-brainer to stick with cabinets.


A pleasant mixture of glass doors with standard cabinets assures safety

Glass cabinet doors permit you to run a little wild too, if that’s your thing. Be eclectic, display a fun mixture of items but do it without the very real chance of items dropping and shattering on your floors.


Austere beauty with traditional white shaker cabinets and glass doors

6. Recessed Lighting

As advancements in energy usage and home lighting permit us to be more eco-friendly while enjoying a greater variety in mood setting and visibility, lighting beneath your upper cabinets is a significant consideration. LED lights are not only easy on your electricity bill, they pose virtually no heat signature to imperil your cabinet or other kitchen surfaces.

You can enjoy soft lighting in your kitchen that doesn’t offend the eye while saving a bundle. It’s economical AND looks great.


Beautiful mood lighting: functional, stylish, and inexpensive

The Math Adds Up

In the past few years, advances in the styles and builds for cheap cabinets online have surged. With manufacturers rushing to meet consumer demand, you’re better off than ever in sourcing amazing cabinets that suit your tastes while coming in beneath your budget. Check out our available pre-assembled or RTA cabinets for your brand new or update kitchen today!

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