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Setting the Record Straight on Cabinet Door Terms

Wondering What Flat Panel Really Means? Let’s Fix That Whether you have been performing merely cursory or fully investigative searches for discount rta kitchen cabinets online, you could easily be confused with all of the language surrounding cabinet door styles. We don’t blame you: Some sites and so-called cabinet professionals out there have their definitions crossed when it comes to [...]

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Reduce the BANG for Your Buck with Soft Close Cabinets

Soft Close Cabinets Make for Quiet Kitchens & Bathrooms We’re all aware that the drawers and doors of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have it rough through constant opening and closing. That familiar noise of your cabinets slamming shut is only increased if you frequently entertain guests to cook for. Historically, features inside of cabinets were overlooked as people relied [...]

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Summer & Fall Report: Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Updated Kitchen Design Trends for Summer 2018 Frequently the kitchen is the domestic heart of your home and ultimately dictates the style, arrangement, and overall atmosphere of your spaces. With greater frequency, modern home layouts are merging the kitchen with other spaces such as the dining or living rooms; the design style of the entire home extends quite directly from [...]

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What Are Great Alternatives to Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Mahogany Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: The Fresh Alternative to Dark Cherry No, we’re not talking about the actual underlying material--we’re talking about the stain. The wood that comprises your cabinets is a big topic all its own, and one we’ll cover in a new article soon. In this write-up we want to focus on what you SEE when you enter [...]

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What You Need to Know About RTA Kitchen Cabinets

What Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets? If you are currently in the market for kitchen cabinets, you may have deduced by now that they can be very expensive, often accounting for as much as 25% to 50% of the entire budget people typically set aside for kitchen remodeling. So, you may be thinking that it’s definitely in your best interest [...]

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Pros & Cons of Buying Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Online

Tips for Selecting Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Online Frequently used in construction of premium kitchen cabinets and home woodworking, traditional walnut is a sophisticated wood. Its durable hardness bears the stresses of use well. Its charming aesthetic is marked by signature swirls and grain patterns; walnut isn’t meant to be hidden. If you have a strong appreciation for the look [...]

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Pros of RTA Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Why Choose Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home? Your kitchen is a multipurpose space, both in function and form. Whether or not it is centrally located in the house, it is often the true heart of the home. Your choices of décor there have an impact on design throughout the rest of the house--it’s the tastemaker. And within [...]

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How to Save on Kitchen Cabinets

There are ways to find them on the cheap! You’re building or remodeling a kitchen. You have a set budget. There can be no nonsense, what you have is what you have to spend. There will be no premature decisions; everything will be selected with great care. There will be much research. You need to create a beautiful kitchen [...]

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Remodeling your Kitchen? Here’s How to Save Up

Remodeling a kitchen features top on the wish list of most homeowners. But sometimes, the mere thought of the expense might cause itto be an elusive reality. A kitchen renovation is a substantial financial commitment, and you to minimize the amount of money that goes into it as far as possible. Although there are many areas you can take a shortcut to reduce cost, there are somewhere spending is inevitable. This guide will help you know how to save in your kitchen renovation. Don’t [...]

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