//Modernize with Floating Vanity Bathroom Cabinets

Modernize with Floating Vanity Bathroom Cabinets

Increase Your Bathroom Space with Euro Bathroom Cabinets

The pursuit of additional space–or even simply the apparency of more space–is a seemingly never ending quest in the bathroom. Advancements in cabinet styles and construction techniques have aimed at improving on the economy of space for homeowners over time, leading to things like floating vanities and flat face storage.

Bathroom renovations can get expensive fast–faster than you might think. From redoing the floors to new toilet and tub, you’re already potentially looking at stacking costs for hardware and installation. Then you get to the vanity, where custom options can run you up to the thousands for something that isn’t truly exceptional.

In order to provide you with some helpful inspiration as well as a variety of options in your quest for better use of your bathroom space, we have compiled some amazing storage ideas for your bathroom in this article.

Aqua Cisco Vanity Cabinet

The Cisco vanity cabinet has a stainless steel console and white acrylic sink in a compact frame suitable for bathrooms of any size. Ideal for washrooms or powder rooms on the smaller size, it provides abundant storage space beneath the sink for its small stature, and matches any modern aesthetic beautifully.


Aqua Cisco Vanity

We stock 24” and 30” options of the Cisco vanity cabinet for your needs.

Flores Vanity Cabinet Teak Oak

An elegant answer to modern bathrooms that can benefit from sophisticated color, the Flores teak oak vanity is sure to please you. With a reinforced acrylic sink, marine veneer constructed console which is fully waterproof and high quality European DTC hardware, you’ll enjoy the soft close operation of its drawers.


Flores vanity cabinet teak oak

You can find the full width 75” Flores vanity cabinet as well as its more modest 36” option in our online store.

Happy Vanity Hi-Gloss White

Elegant and understated in a pure white package, the Happy Vanity Hi-Gloss White combines the space savings of a floating vanity with the unassuming allure of a waterproof and visually “quiet” element in your bathroom design.


Happy Vanity Hi-Gloss White

This appealing form factor comes in a variety of styles to match the color palette of your modern bathroom. Enjoy it in its original hi-gloss white, or consider Rose Wood or White Oak options.


Happy Vanity Rose Wood


Happy Vanity White Oak

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