//Reduce the BANG for Your Buck with Soft Close Cabinets

Reduce the BANG for Your Buck with Soft Close Cabinets

Soft Close Cabinets Make for Quiet Kitchens & Bathrooms

We’re all aware that the drawers and doors of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have it rough through constant opening and closing. That familiar noise of your cabinets slamming shut is only increased if you frequently entertain guests to cook for. Historically, features inside of cabinets were overlooked as people relied on the available qualities of carpentry and basic hinges.

With the rise of soft close hardware these days, contractors are electing to install cabinets with smooth and silent function. Not only do soft closing doors and drawers provide a more calm work space, but they increase the lifespan of all the materials that would otherwise be getting beaten up every time you close them. The benefits of soft close are no small thing to consider.

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Slamming Is a Thing of the Past

Soft close cabinets close silently and with reduced speed. Slamming cabinet doors and drawers from the past can send the contents into disarray. Soft close slides have smooth speed and noise elimination built in to prevent fragile items from being tossed around. No more opening drawers and doors to find everything inside mixed around. Be confident in the safety of your items.

Long Lasting Hardware

When you upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with our cheap RTA cabinets, they also last years longer than normal hardware because of the gentle close. Reduced strain on the hardware, wood, and hinges mean that they will work just as great years down the line as they do the day you have them installed.

Complete Access

Forget about the woes of having to blindly reach into the back of your drawers. Our soft close drawer slides allow full extension of drawer box backs flush with the front of the cabinet, allowing for easy access to the back. Comparing this to normal ¾ extension drawer slides, your usable storage space is truly maximized.


Child Safety

An amazing advantage for households with kids (or guests with kids) is selecting cabinets that don’t run the risk of slamming closed on little fingers. Soft close cabinets close smoothly and slowly, so pinching and injury are prevented.

Maximize Your Investment

It is common for the kitchen to be the most significant selling point when going to market. As a space that can weigh in so heavily on whether a sale is successful, the investment in your kitchen remodel is a serious one. The cabinets are typically the most expensive component, typically accounting for 30% of the cost (read more about kitchen remodel costs in our article about buying RTA kitchen cabinets online). Choosing new cabinets with soft close hinges and drawer slides helps to secure the value of your investment.

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