//Is it Safe to Buy RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online for My Home Remodel?

Is it Safe to Buy RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online for My Home Remodel?

Home Improvement with Online Cabinets Sourcing

UPDATED 5-24-2018: We recently updated this article to add specific ROI info on cabinet purchases in midrange and upscale kitchens, as well as a client case study with design / final images to show the quality of our work and degree of our customers’ satisfaction.


Working with the wrong RTA store has consequences.

Depending on the size of the project, replacing or upgrading your existing kitchen cabinetry can be a significant investment in your home improvement. Even if you’re only buying a handful of cabinets, you want to ensure that you’re getting good quality that will last. So how do you know whether cabinets that you purchase online fit the bill?

You need to weigh the pros and cons of shopping in person at your local brick and mortar store versus ordering online. In many cases the online route compares similarly to ordering anything off of Amazon, but there are a handful of big differences. You need to be sure that what you’re getting will install easily and satisfy your needs in the long term.

Know Your RTA Cabinet Finishes

Understanding your purchase decision also means being educated about the common methods for finishing cabinets available from major manufacturers. From traditional style cabinetry to European; from solid wood to MDF; there are numerous methods for completing surfaces to get different looks and at varying degrees of quality. Let’s have a look at how they vary.

The different RTA cabinet finishes include:

  • Traditional finishes (American style cabinets)
    • Unfinished: No finishing on the cabinets whatsoever. Some customers desire this option in order to perform their own finish or to utilize the unfinished cabinets in their own DIY project.
    • Painted: A painted finish involves painting the wood or MDF cabinet surface, followed by a lacquer finish. Numerous high quality paints are available to
    • Stained: Staining a solid wood cabinet allows the natural grain to really shine and commonly permits significantly more texture to survive
  • Modern finishes (European style cabinets)
    • Melamine: Technically a form of laminate, melamine surfacing involves a mixture of paper and resin applied to the cabinet surface and allowing a wide variety of available styles and even textures.
    • Thermofoil: In this manner of surfacing, cabinet pieces are placed through a specialized machine that vacuum seals heated foil material onto the wood or MDF. The variety of colors and styles in foil available make this a very popular option.
    • High Pressure Laminate: Separate from melamine or thermofoil finishing processes, high pressure laminating (or HPL) can be somewhat costly but yield a very strong surface resistant to cracks and abrasions.

Brick and Mortar Cabinet Stores

Shopping at a Cabinet Showroom

Driving around your local area, you spotted a cabinet showroom and it sparked the idea of remodeling your kitchen. Walking in, you see example kitchen layouts that give you a very real and tangible idea of how cabinets you select will appear in an assortment of installations. Reducing ambiguity is a big plus when it comes to projecting the final appearance of your kitchen. However, those layouts you see aren’t custom fitted to the dimensions of your kitchen. There can be a significant amount of unforeseen labor to fill gaps or compensate for stubborn corners.

Buying Your Kitchen Cabinets Online

You searched for online cabinets and found a major rta kitchen cabinet supplier. The difference is already clear from the in-person showroom to this virtual one: you can clearly search through their catalog of styles and shapes in order to find what suits your design choices. You can read up on reviews on the wholesale cabinet company, look up dimensions, and even helpful tips on custom fitting the cabinet to your unique layout. When you’re done with your shopping, having your cabinets shipped to your location is just a few clicks away. This seems like a dream come true– until your cabinets arrive and the drawers don’t fit all of your cutlery. Or the panels are too thin for a secure upper cabinet installation. What went wrong?

You Didn’t Get the Best RTA Cabinets Online

No two manufacturers or suppliers of kitchen cabinets are the same. Most online stores are already making use of a website in order to reduce overhead as well as avoid interactions with customers.

  • Communication:
    When you arrive at the website, is there immediately a way to contact or chat with them? Many online stores can be designed to appear extremely inviting but turn out to be total black boxes outside of the ability to place an order. This closed off environment makes it very easy to order a bundle of cabinets which will be a total headache to try to install due to bad sizing or other issues.
  • Experience:
    When you speak with them, do they beat around the bush or try to hustle you into a quick sale? Or do they answer all of your questions with patience and professionalism? Good RTA cabinet stores employ people who really know their product and want you to be confident in it.
  • Quality:
    Can they easily explain what distinguishes them from “your average cabinet store”? Do their cabinets have thicker panels, or their drawers increased cubic capacity? If their cabinets cost a bit more than what you can get elsewhere, do they make you understand why?
  • Price:
    If a seller’s greatest compelling reason to purchase their cabinets is that they have the lowest price available, why is that? Where are their abundant cost savings coming out of in the product you’re receiving? Often this is due to shoddy craftsmanship or fewer materials being used in making the cabinets. Many cabinet drawers, for example, have a box bottom that is so thin even a small amount of moisture could rip a hole in it.

When you purchase your cabinets from TheRTACabinets.com, you get to see amazing return on your investment down the line. While “home flippers” are well aware that a kitchen remodel is a surefire way to increase your home value for an immediate turnaround sale, the savings you get purchasing quality ready to assemble kitchen cabinets online extend that return on investment (ROI) well into the future. Data from the Cost vs Value 2018 Report for Los Angeles shows a dramatic amount of money going back into homeowner’s pockets when they sell years after upgrading their home cabinets–and enjoying those beautiful new cabinets all the while.kitchen-remodel-cost-breakdown-2018-los-angeles-infographic

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Playful Touch of the Sea: Grey Shaker Cabinets and Blue Island

In every side of business, saving money is rivaled in importance by excellent service. How often have you experienced poor communication, lack of information, and delayed schedules that made it obvious your savings had still come at an intangible cost? We know your pain. At The RTA Cabinets, we place a premium on ensuring that you receive exceptional service every step of the way.

One of our many satisfied customers visited our site recently desiring blue cabinets. That’s it–some beautiful blue cabinets. They reviewed our inventory and then contacted us to get some assistance with expanding on the design.

One of our crack team of designers, Mary, spoke with them at length about their desires. While the blue cabinets they had spotted were quite lovely, they were also pricey. Mary dug deeper into what they really wanted for their new kitchen and everyone agreed that it was a New England feel. Traditional and reminiscent of a northeast overcast day by the shore.


Our initial design for the customer…


The final kitchen from TheRTACabinets.com

Mary was able to design a kitchen that maintained their original eye for blue while placing the customer well beneath their budget limitations with a clever limitation on the use of blue: the island. Surrounded by grey shaker cabinets that resemble striking thunderheads beyond a lighthouse, the final kitchen is far more than the customer had ever imagined.

The island fits in not only as a wonderful visual centerpiece with the Colcotta Creek quartz countertop, it serves a valuable function: the family does a great deal of entertaining in what has become a very social kitchen in their home. The customer, who was quite handy, got to get involved in a lot of the installation themselves–the ease of installing RTA lends itself to DIY remodels.

Important Takeaways

Should you be concerned about ordering RTA cabinets online? No! But you need to be confident in the product as well as the company representing it. Be sure to get all of your questions asked and comfortable that the price is right for the cabinets you’re ordering. Happy remodeling!

Ready to find new cabinets for your home? Browse our amazing selection today.

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