//Summer & Fall Report: Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Summer & Fall Report: Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Updated Kitchen Design Trends for Summer 2018

Frequently the kitchen is the domestic heart of your home and ultimately dictates the style, arrangement, and overall atmosphere of your spaces. With greater frequency, modern home layouts are merging the kitchen with other spaces such as the dining or living rooms; the design style of the entire home extends quite directly from the sweeping influence of kitchen design choices.

Colors, shapes, material use, and even the aesthetics of functionality (in terms of fixtures) in the kitchen zone sets a tone for your house. In this article, we’re going to discuss how predictions for 2018 design trends have materialized or not, and what to expect with greater probability as we look further toward fall/winter.

Kitchen Color Trends for Summer/Fall 2018

You are no doubt aware that colors and tones set the visual pace for the atmosphere of your home–the simplest of accents create a vibrant and memorable experience for the eye everywhere you look. This is particularly true for kitchens: the standard constraints or freedoms (depending on how you look at it!) of domestic life lead to a large share of time being spent in the space. This is doubly true in the event that your kitchen is a social space with open avenues into the dining/living areas or an outdoor patio.

Moving in to summer 2018, we are seeing a large increase in interest for rich mahogany tones in traditional kitchens or those with a fun modern retro feel.


Favorable mahogany tones make this kitchen really pop

White remains a prominent forerunner in color application for kitchen remodels. “Bright and inviting environment that doesn’t conceal stains and makes spring cleaning easier” isn’t really a concept diminished by time.


Timeless white shaker kitchens remain popular moving into summer

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