//Top 10 2018 Bathroom Design Trends: RTA Cabinets & More

Top 10 2018 Bathroom Design Trends: RTA Cabinets & More

Your 2018 Bathroom Remodel Style Guide: RTA Cabinets & Beyond

It wouldn’t be summer without at least a few roundups of trends popping up in the design world, and this time we’ve selected popular bathroom style trends, like popular RTA cabinets. Should you follow trends from year to year, constantly adapting your remodeling scheme? Of course not! But we like showcasing inspiration that you can mentally scrapbook for your next big remodel, because there are always amazing new ideas cropping up out there.

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With limitless options for your renovations or home remodels, the sky’s the limit as far as choices available to you–and that can be stressful sometimes. Where should you go for info on improving the look and usefulness of your home? That’s why we hope these roundups help to pull a lot of useful data and inspiration together into one spot for your easy consumption.

One-Material Rooms


Rooms styled with one material were a huge hit when they were introduced in the 80’s, and this trend shows signs of a revival. When it’s pulled off correctly, it can really turn the space into an impactful, uniform, and special place. One popular option is taking the tile halfway up the wall, or filling the space with a collection of materials you do the same material from floor to ceiling and wall to wall and embrace one material for the entire bathroom. This concept can also be applied to monochromatic bathrooms if you don’t need or want any bright pops of color. It’s not just for tile either–you can use the same material like a plaster, lime wash, or concrete to cover the entire bathroom.


Bathtub in the Bedroom


This one definitely isn’t for everyone or every floor plan. BUT, if you are one that likes a romantic soak in the tub and also has enough room to house the sink, toilet, and shower in a separate room then we have you covered with this one. This one can either go real cheesy real fast and make it end up like you are singing your way through a Taylor Swift music video (which admittedly sounds pretty amazing!), but if it is done in a tasteful way and if it works with the architecture of your house then it can work.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

By “floating” vanity we mean the type of vanity that has all of its parts and plumbing components tucked neatly under some sort of a skirt either made of stone, wood, or another material so it visually simplifies the entire counter and vanity area. It has always had a place in modern design, but we are now seeing it used in other styles and we love the results.


2017 was the year of the “furniture vanity”. The vanity that looks like it was a custom piece of furniture that worked perfectly with your decor that had then been retrofit to house a sink and plumbing. So… is 2018 the year of the floating vanity? We aren’t quite sure yet, but keep reading to find out more.

Freestanding Bathtub

Next up, the freestanding bathtub. We wanted to call it out directly as it is such a beautiful option.


If you have the space, you could bump out a wall in your existing bathroom and add a skylight and a beautiful freestanding tub like you see here and you have a pretty wonderful place to get ready in the morning. All this construction is obviously easier said than done and the plumbing and actual bathtub can be expensive but these bathrooms do sell the idea very well.

Open Ledge Storage

Remember a few years ago when we stopped hanging things and started leaning things on ledges? Many a painting I have styled out leaning up on a ledge towards the wall vs. hanging on the wall, and the concept is seeping into the bathroom. This trend may only be fitting for the “lifestyle mafia” type person. But man do I want to decant all my soaps, toss out my generic toothbrushes, and lean a little piece of art on a lot of these ledges.


Something to keep in mind with these: If you have the need for a lot of storage then you should consider having some sort of medicine cabinet, RTA bathroom vanity, or storage solution as these ledges really should only be used for the prettier items in your life. I.e.,  your shaving cream, anti-itch cream, and floss should be kept elsewhere as this is the space for your prettier perfumes, soaps, and a bud vase or small piece of art.

You might be hating this trend at this point as it is purely aesthetic and not the most functional, but we love the extra ledge it provides to add a little something special into your bathroom.

Flat Panel RTA Cabinets


Ready-to-assemble cabinets are the latest trend in cabinetry for 2018. Shoppers can see first hand the wide array of styles and colors they have before making a final selection. The manufacturers are also able to send samples of the color and material so the consumer can have the peace of mind they will need before having their order shipped to their home.

RTA cabinetry is of an extremely high quality; therefore, customers will have no worries when it comes to their durability. These cabinets have been built to last and bring much joy and satisfaction to homeowners for many years to come.

Black Fixtures

All right, this is one that we are very, very into and see having a big future both in 2018 and in some upcoming design projects we have going on. Yes, I love brass (and always will), but black is back and better than ever.


Black is a color that is always timeless, will never go out of style and works with just about any design style which makes this trend a very easy one to adopt for basically anyone. It also mixes well with just about any surface, material, or hardware so it makes it very easy to mix it in to your current bathroom setup.

Black fixtures can update and slightly modernize the feel of an older home and bring a visual graphic dose to what would otherwise feel traditional.

Integrated Shower

Shower doors you say… who needs shower doors? This trend embraces the lack of them or the very sparing use of them and we love it. If you’ve been to Europe then you may have seen this concept in just about every home, hostel, or hotel and for good reason. It not only visually is more simple in the bathroom but it frees up a lot of space needed for the door to open and close. So if you have a small bathroom it could be a good solution for you.


A few notes on this one. Although these bathrooms really sell the idea of losing all your shower doors, you may still need to keep one wall of glass to prevent the water from going everywhere. You also will need to integrate the drain and plan to have this type of shower as the floor will need to be sculpted to drain into an area so you don’t end up with a flood of water pouring out from your bathroom door. Last but not least – these showers can be breezy (as in cold) if you are used to tighter smaller shower spaces as you don’t have as much steam or heat around your body while you shower, so you will want to make sure you have a suitable shower head to keep you warm during your wash.

Concrete & Plaster

We saw concrete come into trend very hard right around the early 2000’s. Remember everyone DIY’ing kitchen counters and staining their concrete floors? But the more refined version is happening in bathrooms and it is looking good my friends. It can be used on the walls and vanity or to form yourself spa-like bathtub…


…or even to build yourself a custom sink! I love the combo of materials possible. Stained black wood walls, concrete sink, brass fixtures, and honed wood countertops are just a few available options to really make it pop.

An important thing to bear in mind: concrete that is lighter in tone is the main reason why it works. We saw so much concrete come into trend years ago that was so dark, colored, or tinted that the fresher, lighter version is a great contrast (no pun intended) to what we saw come into trend hard and then quickly fade. Who is to say that this won’t fade as well… but, we love the look of it.

Marble Walls

Marble will always be in trend and has always been in trend. But marble done in large over-scale slabs from floor to ceiling is something that we love this year. Is it cost effective? NO. But it definitely makes a statement and is something that will last forever. You will want to steer clear of anything that has too much variation in it as that visually will end up making things look very chaotic and may not feel as timeless as it once did when you installed it, but a simple veining in a tonal color combo will always stay classic.


The design, the styling, and the accessories are kept at a minimum as the marble serves as the main visual talking point.

With marble you can also “bookmatch” it; basically, take a large slab of marble, chop it in half, and then match the ends so the veining lines up and it looks like you are opening a book with matching pages. It’s a pretty dramatic (and somewhat costly) way to install marble but man does it look beautiful.

Additional Bathroom & Home Design Reading

Bonnie McCarthy recently wrote for the LA Times, “Popular countertop choices include: quartz, granite, marble and acrylic resin along with tile, concrete and laminate. Trends in faucets and fixtures currently favor gold and brass metallics in finishes that range from high-shine to matte.”

We also liked this article from Bin There Dump That revolving around the top 4 home remodeling trends in 2018. As a nationwide company that services homeowners with dumpster rentals or even buying a dumpster while going through renovations, they are intimately familiar with styles and designs people are selecting currently.

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