//What Are Great Alternatives to Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

What Are Great Alternatives to Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Mahogany Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: The Fresh Alternative to Dark Cherry

No, we’re not talking about the actual underlying material–we’re talking about the stain. The wood that comprises your cabinets is a big topic all its own, and one we’ll cover in a new article soon. In this write-up we want to focus on what you SEE when you enter and use your kitchen: the beautiful color of the wood and how it interacts with other visual elements in the space.

Stained wood cabinets are beginning to creep back into the kitchen and bathroom space with dark cherry and mahogany finishes. If we look back between the 70s and 90s in the States, these were the finishes of choice along with oak. Darker and more organic looking stains dominated the landscape of the great kitchen prairie back then. Oh, what a blissful time. Now, with some people growing disinterested in the spartan white look of so many home kitchens, eyes gaze backwards with longing into our colorful past.


Mahogany, The Better Cherry

2017 brought a considerable change to kitchen design, with more color being introduced back into the home and cabinets–and 2018 is no exception in carrying on this trend. The massive popularity of white shaker kitchens remains, but many designers are influencing homeowners towards using white sparingly in different regions of the kitchen rather than the upper and lower cabinets.

Rising Popularity of Mahogany Finishes

While dark cherry remains popular, many designers are advising remodelers to opt for a mahogany alternative–but why? It has to do with the lighter tone of the finish. Veering away from the exceptionally dark tones of cherry places your cabinets closer to the vastly superior role of transitional color: a far greater contribution to the aesthetics of the space.


Mahogany behaves as a better transition color to countertops, molding, walls, or soffits

The appeal of mahogany shaker cabinets is:

  • Neutral color
  • Blended balance
  • Versatility of design

Whether you’re designing your home as a French cottage or a beachfront sand castle, mahogany blends into the space and contributes to harmony between colors. Shaker style works well as a traditional look, but manages not to look out of place even in more modern surroundings.

Opting for a mahogany kitchen will brand you as a unique and bold thinker to your envious friends and acquaintances. Don’t be satisfied with a cookie cutter design! Infuse your kitchen with more character and personality with tried and true mahogany that can fit with so many kitchen designs. You can find more information on our mahogany shaker cabinets here.

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