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Buy discount RTA cabinets online

For many people, the idea of buying your kitchen cabinets online might not be an obvious choice. Most people who get new cabinets for their kitchen remodel are looking for custom or RTA cabinets. Custom and Semi-custom cabinet companies provide you with cabinets that are made to order after you have paid. This allows them to customize their color options and provide options for a hefty price. On the other hand, RTA cabinets (Ready To Assemble) are all pre-made and boxed. When you buy discount RTA cabinets online, there are a lot of benefits and advantages that some people are not aware of.

What Benefits?

When you buy RTA cabinets online, you are saving lots of money. Even most of the highest quality RTA cabinet companies charge less than half of what you will pay for the custom or even semi-custom cabinets. RTA cabinets also get shipped to your location right away so you can get your new kitchen within days of placing an order. Unfortunately, custom cabinets take months to be ready for your kitchen.

What about shopping at a physical RTA cabinet store?

Taking all of that into consideration, you may be wondering why you shouldn’t simply seek out an RTA cabinet retailer in person? Many people like to see and touch the cabinets they will be buying before making a purchase. Surely a company with a physical location can have your order ready on the same day. While that is usually accurate, there’s a whole set of benefits that you can take advantage of when buying discounted RTA cabinets online. The biggest difference between buying your RTA cabinets online is that you get a far better selection of colors and styles to choose from. You can order sample doors for the cabinets you plan to buy; that way you can still get a visual and tactile sense of what your cabinets will be like. Efficient and responsible online companies can have your order on the road within a few days from when you place your order. We also offer a level of customer service rarely found in traditional cabinet retailers. We can design your new kitchen for you and answer any questions that you might have about the process. But in the end, the biggest difference comes down to the wide selection that you have available at online stores.

The Elephant in the Room

Many people still have a very negative view of RTA cabinets. It is all a matter of perspective and knowledge. For many years the status quo was that RTA cabinets were cheap and shoddy. They didn’t last long, and they were made with cheap materials like particle board and MDF. About 10-15 year ago several companies started selling RTA cabinets that rival custom cabinets in quality. These companies have changed the game a bit by offering excellent quality products that are still a fraction of the price you would pay for a custom cabinet. It’s almost like the best of both worlds.

What about the rest of the RTA cabinet companies?

There are plenty of the low-end RTA cabinet companies that have cheap products sold at inexpensive prices. These are precisely the kind of products and companies that fed into the negative stigma of RTA cabinets. So it is important to know what to look for when weeding out the cheap cabinets.

Look For:
Look Out For: (cheap corner-cutting)
Solid wood doors and frames
Skin panel in place of full back panel
Dovetailed drawers
Particleboard on anything
Soft close mechanisms
MDF center door panel
At least 1/2 inch plywood body panels
Less than 1/2 inch plywood panels
Cheap thin shelves

If you keep an eye out for these features you should be able to be more selective and find an online RTA cabinet store that has what you are looking for. Many of the disreputable cabinet companies out there show their hand by cutting corners with their product. Cheap and/or inexpensive RTA cabinets are not always going to be shoddy and made with low quality materials. If you keep these noticeable features in mind, you should be able to find an online cabinet company that will have the right cabinets for you at a discounted rate.