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European Flat Panel - RTA

RTA Euro Style Cabinets
10*10 Kitchen: $1,967
10*10 Kitchen: $1,967

European Style RTA Cabinets

Stylish and Modern in Design and Manufacture

If you have seen some interesting flat panel kitchen cabinets online or in a store, you are probably looking at European style accessories. Owing to the compact nature of the typical European flat across the continent, their kitchens are also smaller than most in America. This has led to a design trend involving less ornate features and instead focusing on function over form.

There is a tendency within European style kitchens to favor access as well as fitting as much utility into a tight space as possible. Dishwashers and fridges can tend towards the tiny side, and cabinets have evolved distinctly too. European style cabinets bear a spartan appearance that focuses on usefulness. This look has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past few years, with sleek flat cabinets lending kitchens an austere beauty.

Key features to European style RTA cabinets typically include:
  • Frameless design: Allows for more storage than a traditional framed design.
  • Straight lines: Right angles and straight lines lead to a more futuristic look and strong impression.
  • Minimal moulding and woodwork: No frills for these cabinets make for a bold statement.
  • Unique and polished finishes: Reflective surfaces or laminates are most common.

Finishes on European Style Cabinetry

The modern and industrial look of Euro-style cabinets is usually accompanied by finishes in 3 varieties: thermofoil, paint, and melamine. These are typical because they complement the Euro-style so well visually and attach with ease to wood or MDF surfaces. While there are virtues to how each of them can change the feel of your kitchen, there are definite pros and cons to each beyond how they appear.

Melamine Finished European Style Cabinets

Technically a laminate product, melamine surface material is manufactured by combining paper and resin in a heated process. This allows all manner of wood grain textures or visual imagery to be added to quality frameless cabinets. Similar to laminate solutions, melamine finishes can be done with higher or lower quality material. This can make them either great or poor solutions for your European style RTA kitchen cabinets depending on your countertop and backsplash styles.

Paint Finished European Style Cabinets

Frameless cabinets can look impressively futuristic with a coating of lacquer paint. Made with polyester or polyurethane, lacquer paint can cover the cabinet surface in a glossy or matte finish. While lacquer can be prone to color shifts when subjected to sunlight, some higher quality paints can help to fight this degradation. Efforts should be taken to avoid using any abrasive cloths or solutions to cleaning them, as this can lead to a scratched finish. Kept clean through proper maintenance, lacquer finished frameless cabinets look amazing and add an air of sophistication to any kitchen.

Thermofoil Finished European Style Cabinets

Thermofoil is by far the most inexpensive and budget-friendly approach to finishing cabinet surfaces. The ‘foil’ part of the word is a bit of a misnomer, as there is no metal in the surfacing. It is a vinyl layer vacuum-pressed onto cabinet surfaces. On the positive side, these finishes are extremely easy to keep clean and are nearly impervious to water. Something important to consider when looking into thermofoil options is their vulnerability to heat; thermofoil finishes near stovetops or ovens can be prone to peeling or discoloring when the vinyl is subjected to the extreme temperatures. You can obtain heat shields for thermofoil surfaces in close proximity to heat sources.

European Style Cabinets in Our Online RTA Cabinet Store

During your remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, you are probably keeping an eye open for any place you can keep your budget manageable. Buying RTA kitchen cabinets online is the perfect approach; the savings are terrific when you order ready to assemble products. For the same great quality and finishes, this is definitely the way to go.

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