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Piano Paint Silver Gloss RTA

Door Style:
Flat Panel
Frame Style:
European Frameless
3/4" MDF with Piano Paint Finish
Full Overlay with butt doors
Cabinet Interior Finish
Natural Maple finish
Exposed Sides Skin Panel
Cabinet Construction:
Cam-Lock construction
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Wall Top & Bottom:
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Base Bottom:
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Back Panel:
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Wall Shelf Depth:
9-1/2" full depth
Base Shelf Depth:
21-3/4" full depth
Drawer Box:
Stainless Steel Drawer Sides with 5/8" solid wood front and back
Drawer Bottom:
3/8" plywood
Drawer Construction:
Tandem Drawer Box
Drawer Slides:
Stainless Steel Drawer Slides Soft Close
Door Hinges:
Concealed adjustable soft close
Center Stile:
No center stile on all cabinets
Single Door Cabinet Opening:
Can be opened on both sides
Cabinet Handles & Knobs:
Required for all cabinets
CARB2 Compliant:
2 years

Piano Paint Silver Gloss RTA Catalog

Piano Paint Silver Gloss RTA European Flat Panel - RTA

The Piano Paint Silver Gloss is a light grey with a bright metallic shine. The countless metallic elements floating within the brilliant silver reflect the light in beautiful ways. The Piano Paint Silver Gloss is here to impress. It’s unmistakably modern looking panels add a sense of fun and light to your kitchen while still being very classy.

Piano Paint Silver Gloss is one cabinet option where you will not have to worry about dark walls, dark flooring or a dark backsplash. It does pair well with some light countertop options, but the Piano Paint Silver Gloss can bring out the best in that darker granite or quartz countertop that you may have been thinking about.

All the Piano Paint Gloss cabinets, like silver, have the option of horizontal wall cabinets. Doors on the horizontal cabinets swing upward rather than left or right; giving you more options and more flexibility for your kitchen. The Piano Paint Silver Gloss also has the benefit of stainless steel tandem drawer slides with soft close glides.

The doors on our Silver and our other Piano Paint Gloss options, are all made from a 3/4 inch medium density fiberboard. The doors are covered in several thick coats to achieve its fantastic color as well as its glossy finish. The end results are cabinet panels that perform better than hard wood cabinet doors while offering an incredibly smooth look and feel that’s absolutely stunning.

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