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Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets Order Process
10*10 Kitchen: $2,530
10*10 Kitchen: $2,530
10*10 Kitchen: $2,415
10*10 Kitchen: $2,415
10*10 Kitchen: $2,991
10*10 Kitchen: $3,365
10*10 Kitchen: $2,338
10*10 Kitchen: $2,551
10*10 Kitchen: $2,447
10*10 Kitchen: $3,130
10*10 Kitchen: $3,311
10*10 Kitchen: $3,404
10*10 Kitchen: $3,404
10*10 Kitchen: $3,526
10*10 Kitchen: $2,294
10*10 Kitchen: $2,291
10*10 Kitchen: $2,746
10*10 Kitchen: $2,899
10*10 Kitchen: $2,989
10*10 Kitchen: $3,016
10*10 Kitchen: $2,622
10*10 Kitchen: $2,840
10*10 Kitchen: $2,929

What Are Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets?

Professionally Built High-Quality Cabinets Online

Pre-assembled cabinets ship to your kitchen fully constructed and ready for installation. Our online catalog contains a large variety of high-quality kitchen cabinets to match any style or design in your home remodel. The materials, designs, and available varieties of wood are all available based on the overwhelming demand and desire from customers just like you. Every single piece has been assembled together by professionals so that your new cabinets arrive with lasting strength and no missing components.

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Advantages of Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Pre-assembled selections provide a variety of significant benefits for a remodeling shopper. When you decide on a style just for you, each of our options comes with a full assortment of accessory cabinets allowing you to fully populate your new kitchen with a unified theme. Bridging the gap between other design elements and your cabinets is far simpler when you only need to transition to a single great style of your choosing. When all of your new cabinets are shipped (free for orders over $2,500), they arrive ready to install and get your kitchen up and running faster.

Pick a reason why pre-assembled cabinets from are the best:
  • Cabinet Material: We use high-quality materials in construction that strike a balance with the cost to afford you the best deal on long-lasting kitchen cabinets with durability. Most of our cabinets are constructed with durable hardwood or MDF (in the event that it is more suitable for the desired contemporary finish).
  • Cabinet Finishes: Our wide variety of available finishes mean that you’re sure to find pre-assembled cabinets for your needs. From stained hardwood to contemporary reflective lacquer, every style is present in our catalog.
  • Styles: We don’t just provide a handful of framed and frameless options then call it a day. Each of our American and European sections holds a large quantity of options for you to browse at your convenience. We boast a large selection of the most popular styles this year: European flat panel cabinets, shaker style cabinets, and a variety of white and grey kitchen cabinets.
  • Detail of Construction: The details are where our products really shine. For example, most cabinets you can purchase from any source will have 1/2” thickness in their panels; it is a de facto standard within the industry. However, many of our cabinet models are built with ⅝” thickness, delivering you increased structural strength in your storage without compromising in available storage space or cost.
  • Size: While we typically recommend taller cabinets extending all of the ways to the ceiling in order to maximize your storage space, we provide cabinets in a range of sizes. No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, you can find an assortment of pre-assembled kitchens from us that will perfectly complete your kitchen remodel.

Disadvantages of Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

While the upsides to our cabinets are plentiful, some remodelers find they prefer our RTA kitchen cabinets online selection. Because pre-assembled cabinets include the cost of assembly, they can run at a higher price point than when you order RTA cabinets online. Additionally, ready to assemble cabinets provide more flexibility in your design if you want a truly custom remodel experience.

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Your Convenience is Our Goal

No matter what line of cabinets captures your interest, we are here to make your kitchen remodel experience a great one. You’ve already taken the first step of shopping online versus visiting any number of brick and mortar stores-- we’ll get you the rest of the way to the cabinets that complete your dream kitchen.

The process of working with couldn’t be easier:
  1. Select your desired style and options from our pre-assembled kitchen catalog. Having trouble deciding, or need to ask questions about how our cabinets will work in your unique kitchen? Speak with one of our friendly designers at any time.
  2. Add your cabinets to your cart.
  3. Check out and get ready for your new kitchen. Your cabinets should arrive in as little as 10-18 business days after they are constructed and assembled just for you.