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Dark Cherry

Door Style
Square Raised Panel
Frame Style
1-1/2" Solid Maple wood
Door Frame
3/4" Solid Maple Wood
Door Center
Solid Maple Wood
Face Frame Full Overlay
Interior Finish
Matching interior finish
Exposed Sides Skin
Not Required
Cam-Lock construction
5/8" plywood with veneer
Wall Top & Bottom
5/8" plywood with veneer
Base Bottom
5/8" plywood with veneer
Back Panel
5/8" plywood with veneer
3/4" plywood with veneer
Wall Shelf Depth
10-1/4" full depth
Base Shelf Depth
22-1/4" full depth
Drawer Box
1/2" solid wood
Drawer Bottom
3/8" plywood
Drawer Construction
Dovetail construction
Drawer Slides
Under mounted soft closing
Door Hinges
Concealed adjustable hinges
Center Stile
No center stile on all cabinets
Single Door Opening
Can be opened on both sides
Handles & Knobs
Required for all cabinets
CARB2 Compliant
2 years

Dark Cherry Catalog

Dark Cherry Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

As the name should imply, our Dark Cherry cabinets are a slightly dark brown with small traces of red ingrained in the wood. In other words, darker but similar to how cherry wood looks in nature. The small fine grain pattern creates a visual flow within the wood. Dark cherry kitchen cabinets could be a great addition to most kitchens. The five piece frame and panel construction with a raised center panel is generally used in more traditional looking kitchens. But this is no antique door; the Dark Cherry can work well with modern looking kitchens as well.

It can be very pleasant to have the Dark Cherry cabinets in your kitchen. The natural wood grains are surprisingly warm and comforting considering how dark the brown coloring can be. That kind of feel and look can only be achieved from natural wood. Cherry wood certainly not the most affordable wood but it is a very good wood for making furniture. Cherry wood has a very attractive grain pattern and it is a fairly hard wood with a Janka rating of 950-995 pounds.

As previously mentioned, the Dark Cherry cabinets use a five piece frame and panel door design. The Dark Cherry is not overloaded with intricate features like some elaborate antique designs. Instead it features some nice rounded beveled details around the inside of the frame and a very flat frame and panel. This design is used to keep the doors from warping over time and it maintains a neutral look that is traditional but can still work in a fairly modern kitchen. The cabinet bodies that come with our Dark Cherry are made from 5/8 inch premium plywood. This makes the cabinet body sturdy and very durable. The drawers use a dovetail construction and have solid wood drawer faces. All of the doors have soft close hinges and the drawers use soft close tracks. The soft close hinges have a lifespan of approximately 25000 uses. This works out to about 15 years of regular usage.

If you need some great looking cabinets for your kitchen, the Dark Cherry is an option that you should not pass up.