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Merlot Birch

Door Style
Square Raised Panel with Glaze
Frame Style
European Frameless
Door Frame
3/4" Solid Birch Wood
Door Center
Solid Birch Wood
Full Overlay with butt doors
Interior Finish
Matching interior finish
Exposed Sides Skin
Screwed Construction
3/4" Plywood with paint
Wall Top & Bottom
3/4" Plywood with paint
Base Bottom
3/4" Plywood with paint
Back Panel
Framed with 3/4" Plywood with paint
3/4" Plywood with paint
Wall Shelf Depth
10-1/2" full depth
Base Shelf Depth
22" full depth
Drawer Box
5/8" solid wood
Drawer Bottom
3/8" plywood
Drawer Construction
Dovetail construction
Drawer Slides
Undermount full extension soft close
Door Hinges
Concealed adjustable soft close
Center Stile
No center stile on all cabinets
Single Door Opening
Can be opened on both sides
Handles & Knobs
Required for all cabinets
CARB2 Compliant
2 years

Merlot Birch Catalog

Merlot Birch Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

The color of our Merlot Birch cabinets is a strong brown with hints of red. The Merlot Birch kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a stylish and classy look. It will change the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

Durability, toughness, and stability are the main features of Birch wood. Birch is a hardwood which has a high shock resistance. With a Janka rating of about 1250 pounds, Birch wood is stronger and harder than rubber wood or Walnut but not as strong as Maple or most Oak woods. Birch woods are readily available and are cost effective. Its fine, uniform texture, closed pores and no odor makes it the most popular choice among homeowners.

The slightly reddish stain of the Merlot Birch seems very much at home with the birch woods closed pores and small uniformed grain texture. This is a color option where you will really be able to see the natural wood in your cabinet doors but not at all a light clear finish like the kinds found on our Beech Arch, Golden Honey, or Canadian Maple. These beautiful doors will pair well with less organic looking kitchen elements like large stainless steel appliances or glossy tile flooring. The brown that dominates the majority of the Merlot Birch cabinets is actually a fairly neutral color. If you wanted dark black granite countertops the Merlot Birch will match well and your kitchen won’t suffer from that morbid “too dark” issue can happen with some black countertops. On the other hand these cabinets can be used with lighter backsplashes and countertops like whites and cream colored stones will work with lighter walls and flooring to accentuate the rich colors of your kitchen cabinets.

The bodies of our Merlot Birch cabinets are made with ¾ inch thick premium plywood. This ensures that the cabinets will be strong and sturdy. Because they are European style cabinets, the Merlot Birch uses a frameless design where the doors attach right onto the front of the cabinet body. Every one of our Merlot Birch Cabinets come with soft close hinges and soft close undermount drawer tracks. The drawers themselves are made from 5/8 inch thick hard wood with solid birch drawer fronts. The doors of the Merlot Birch are made with a five piece frame and panel design which keeps the door from the warping that can occur from natural wood expansion. The beautiful color and grain textures are complemented with the curved frame and raised center panel. These details add a straightforward elegance to the doors without making them seem flashy.

The Merlot Birch is a great choice for your kitchen cabinets. These cabinets have the potential to work within and really improve any sort of style that you were considering for your kitchen remodel.