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Professional Discounts

Professional or Wholesale Discounts has been around for 6 years and we have always provided high quality RTA cabinets for a great price. Our expert customers service team will be sure to help you have a hassle free experience buying the cabinets that you are looking for.

At, we offer impressive wholesale discounts for contractors, dealers and designers.

We guarantee that our discounted wholesale price is always lower that the list price. Discount level is based on the business type and the order volume.

If you would like to begin, please select one of the following options to submit your request:

  1. Contractor Discounts
  2. Designer Discounts
  3. Become a Dealer - *** In order to be qualified as a dealer you must have a physical show room ***

After receiving applications, it will usually take 3 business days for us to determine your situation and then we can set up a price level for you. Once you get approved, we will contact you through email or phone.