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Shaker style RTA kitchen cabinets

There are many different types of cabinet doors. Within those types, there are several different variations with different visual features. However, when you boil it all down, there are only three different types of cabinet doors; raised panel doors, flat panel doors, and Shaker cabinet doors. A flat panel door is pretty much what the name implies. They are made up of a simple flat panel that is usually found on Euro style cabinets. The more traditional style doors are usually made with a five piece frame and panel construction. Many of these doors are called raised panel doors. This is because the center panel on these doors are raised to be around the same thickness as the frame around it. The third basic type of door is the Shaker style door. This is a five piece frame and panel door like the raised panel doors but Shaker style doors have a very simple and functional design with recessed center panels.

The Shaker style dates way back to the 18th century. For about a hundred years the Shakers immigrated to America from Europe. The Shakers were very religious people who made some excellent cabinets. Their religious beliefs lead them to live without unnecessary frills or decorations. They would incorporate these beliefs into most aspects of their lives. As a result, the Shaker Style cabinet that we know today still remains a simple and functional kitchen cabinet with an efficient five piece frame and panel design.

Shaker style cabinets are extremely popular right now. I believe that this is largely due to the big minimalist push that we are currently seeing in society. If you want to live a no frills, tiny house, minimalist kind of life; why not get some RTA cabinets that will embrace that mindset? Although it is probably no more than an afterthought to most buyers, it should be mentioned that the simplicity of the shaker style cabinets also make it very easy to clean dust and spills off of the doors in your kitchen.

Because the Shakers style cabinets are so popular right now, it is very easy to find ready to assemble shaker cabinets in whatever color or variation that you might be looking for. Some people prefer the clean look of the mitered doors over the cope and stick design. Also, it is harder to find, a great third option would be to get cabinets with solid slab doors. This is when you have a solid slab of hard wood and they use a router to cut the recessed rectangle design into the door to create the distinctive shaker style.

With the shaker style kitchen cabinets being a traditional five piece door that embraces the simplicity of the modern panel doors, it is not that far off to say that the Shaker style cabinets are a happy compromise between the two other styles. Lending to its inherent simplicity, two of the most popular colors that people often choose when buying shaker style cabinets are white and grey. When you choose a painted cabinet for your kitchen it can emphasize that desirable simplicity as well as the smooth clean look that you can usually get from an RTA Shaker cabinet.

If you have your heart set on Shaker cabinets for your kitchen remodel but you are worried that they might make things too modern or cold in your kitchen, then there are other options that will help you find a balance. Any wood grain cabinet options like mahogany will add warmth to your kitchen. The natural wood grains you see in the doors will give you kitchen some depth and some much needed details.

Whichever kind of Shaker style kitchen cabinet you are looking for; there are a number of RTA cabinet providers that will have some options for you. When it comes to a kitchen remodel you should find the right cabinets for your needs. It is no coincidence that the Shaker style is the most popular kind of kitchen cabinet.