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RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online Wholesale

Quality for Less

Everybody likes to save money. It is probably one of the most universally consistent things about people all over the world. This desire to save is one of the reasons why Costco, Sams Club, and other wholesale retailers are so successful. These stores provide a lot of bulk items at wholesale prices that end up saving you a lot of money. But what about if you are looking for something else other than giant quantities of food and toiletries? What if you are remodeling your kitchen and need some new cabinets. Some of these Wholesale Giants actually provide RTA kitchen cabinets in some interesting styles. Unfortunately, the cabinets that you can get from these popular wholesale giants are not very good. So the question is: Can you get quality RTA cabinets at a wholesale price?

The major wholesale stores sell kitchen cabinets that could be described as textbook examples of lower quality products that are made by companies that cut corners wherever they can in order to increase their profits while decreasing production costs. It is not unusual for their kitchen cabinet to use MDF for the doors. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is a composite wood made from wood fibers and resin. It is basically a much better version of particleboard. MDF is great for some flat panel Euro cabinets but if you want quality kitchen cabinets in the shaker or raised panel styles, you should never settle for anything less than real wood doors. The bodies of their cabinets use thin flimsy sheets of plywood for the back panels. Even the drawers are made with a questionable level of quality utilizing the same thin plywood as the bottoms of each drawer. It is unfortunate that these cabinets are not made with better quality materials. I am certain that the cabinets would last a lot longer for their customers.

Custom and Semi-custom cabinet companies are known for making high-end quality cabinets with premium materials. Most of these high-end cabinets come with real wood doors and frames made from quality hardwoods like Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, and Birch. Their drawer boxes are made to last with a hardwood construction, dovetailed corners, and thick plywood bottoms. Their cabinet bodies are usually made with sturdy premium plywood and full back panels to help further reinforce the cabinets. Unfortunately, the cabinet that you can buy from these custom and semi-custom companies cost far more than the average RTA cabinet.

Fortunately, there are RTA kitchen cabinet wholesalers out there where you can get your new cabinets for a lot less. Over the years RTA cabinets have not always had a phenomenal reputation. This was due to the market being saturated with low-quality cabinets that didn’t last very long. For the last 10 to 15 years, several RTA wholesalers have begun to make new product lines that easily compare to and even surpass what the custom and semi-custom companies are offering. Our cabinets are made with the same care, precision, and attention to detail. Everything from Soft closing mechanisms to hard wood dovetailed drawer boxes can be found on our quality cabinets. The quality that you can expect from our cabinets is certainly on par with many of the semi-custom cabinets but rather than paying 6- 12 thousand dollars for your kitchen, you can find the same sized cabinets for around $2000! The difference is quite surprising when you see the quality of the cabinets side by side. So wholesale prices for quality RTA kitchens are easy to get as long as you know where to look. Some of the best online cabinet wholesalers have an excellent selection of quality cabinets for your new kitchen.