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RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Order Process
10*10 Kitchen: $2,024
10*10 Kitchen: $2,024
10*10 Kitchen: $1,932
10*10 Kitchen: $1,932
10*10 Kitchen: $2,393
10*10 Kitchen: $2,692
10*10 Kitchen: $1,799
10*10 Kitchen: $1,963
10*10 Kitchen: $1,883
10*10 Kitchen: $2,408
10*10 Kitchen: $2,547
10*10 Kitchen: $2,619
10*10 Kitchen: $2,619
10*10 Kitchen: $2,713
10*10 Kitchen: $1,792
10*10 Kitchen: $1,790
10*10 Kitchen: $2,146
10*10 Kitchen: $2,266
10*10 Kitchen: $2,335
10*10 Kitchen: $2,049
10*10 Kitchen: $2,049
10*10 Kitchen: $2,219
10*10 Kitchen: $2,289

What Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets Explained

In the realm of cabinetry, you may have heard RTA cabinets or “ready to assemble” come up. These stand in stark opposition to the pre-assembled cabinets which most people are familiar with. Popularized originally in the form of low quality boxed goods that fell apart as fast as anything else you could buy for pennies, there are now manufactured RTA kitchen cabinets that match in quality and craftsmanship anything you could buy pre-made.

Would you like to know more about our RTA kitchen cabinet solutions? Call us today at 855-929-8975.

Benefits When You Order RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online

Whether you are in the market for the perfect cabinets to match your existing décor or seeking inspiration for the foundations of your kitchen remodel, our American and European style RTA cabinets are the perfect places to browse. Budget-friendly and beautiful designs will greet you in our catalog whether you want traditional styles or a modern look. Being able to create a modular layout of your storage means that the smallest or largest kitchens get to have a custom look all your own.

There are significant advantages when you buy DIY kitchen cabinets online at
  • Convenient shopping: No need to endlessly browse through a brick and mortar location trying to find what matches your tastes. Our online catalog is tailored to your needs, displaying all of the specs and visuals you need to make a purchase decision with just a few clicks.
  • Wholesale pricing: When you take on the task of easy assembly yourself, you save a bundle on the labor costs associated with assembled cabinetry. Enjoy cheap wholesale prices, savvy buyer!
  • Flat-packing: Your order is shipped in compact flat boxes making them easier to transport and store. You don’t have to commit half of your kitchen to boxes while you struggle to put your cabinets together in a tight corner. You also get cheaper shipping rates thanks to the slimline packaging.
  • Flexible layouts: One of the great advantages of RTA products is how much space for creativity they leave you. Decide as you go with your new kitchen remodel how your cabinetry best suits your needs.
  • Professional construction: Whether you purchase RTA cabinets or pre-assembled varieties, our materials are high quality and built to last. You don’t need to be concerned about the integrity of the wood or ease of assembly; our instructions are easy to follow.

Cons of Getting Your Cabinets Online

The words “some assembly required” aren’t quite so appealing to everyone. They may conjure images of a floor strewn with unlabeled pieces, an instruction booklet missing pages, or square pegs failing to fit into round holes. We get it. And that’s why we put so much care into our assembly instruction sets you receive.

It is our aim to ensure that customers can consistently assemble our RTA kitchen cabinets in 15-20 minutes. We provide instructions on YouTube if you prefer a video to walk you through simple assembly. DIY can be a quick and fun job that leaves you with a greater appreciation for the cabinets that will be serving you for years to come.

American Tradition in RTA Cabinetry

Our framed cabinets hold a lasting appeal to fans of more ornate, visually complex kitchens. American style kitchen cabinets come ready to assemble to give your kitchen a busier and friendlier feel. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, our American cabinet lines remain hugely popular with kitchen remodelers.

Shaker Cabinets

No mention of American style cabinets would be truly complete without a nod to the American shaker. Shakers (and white shaker cabinets in particular) lead the pack in terms of appeal for our many happy customers. Truly embodying what it is to be an American cabinet, our shaker varieties are sturdy and work great.

European Style Cabinets

For many, American style cabinets don’t mesh well with the more minimalist design they hope for in their new kitchen. If this sounds like it describes you, you should immediately check out our frameless European style cabinets. Their sleek designs are modest and more space efficient -- helpful in smaller kitchens.