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Mahogany Shaker

Door Style
Frame Style
3/4" Solid Rubber Tree Face Frame
Door Frame
3/4" Solid Rubber Tree Wood
Door Center
Solid Rubber Tree Wood
Full Overlay with butt doors
Interior Finish
Natural Maple finish
Exposed Sides Skin
Cam-Lock construction
5/8" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Wall Top & Bottom
5/8" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Base Bottom
5/8" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Back Panel
5/8" A-Grade plywood with veneer
3/4" A-Grade plywood with veneer
Wall Shelf Depth
9-1/2" full depth
Base Shelf Depth
21-3/4" full depth
Drawer Box
5/8" solid wood
Drawer Bottom
3/8" plywood
Drawer Construction
Dovetail construction
Drawer Slides
Undermount full extension soft close
Door Hinges
Concealed adjustable soft close
Center Stile
No center stile on all cabinets
Single Door Opening
Can be opened on both sides
Handles & Knobs
Required for all cabinets
CARB2 Compliant
2 years

Mahogany Shaker Catalog

Mahogany Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinets

The Mahogany Shaker cabinets, unlike the Cinnamon Shaker RTA cabinets, are known to be the most popular kitchen cabinet one can ever find. The popularity of this cabinet is due to its simplicity in style. The design of these cabinets is really amazing when combined with the beautiful color of mahogany. The mixture of red and brown colors makes the Mahogany Shaker cabinets very unique and more attractive. These cabinets can be used in any kitchen and makes it look like the centerpiece of one’s house.

These cabinets can easily be combined with much different granite or quartz countertop to give your kitchen a complete and unique look. The design and creation of the Mahogany Shaker cabinets are believed to originate from Europe. The Europeans are mostly known for their love and usage of mahogany color. The combination of this style and the solid wood cabinetry gives it more of an appeal to the eye and also looks classy while maintaining simplicity. The cabinet is made using soft closing tracks and hinges completing the high-quality design of these cabinets. The Mahogany Shaker cabinets are made from rubber wood which makes to be sold at a fair price compared to the classy look and quality that the cabinet brings to your kitchen.

The mahogany shaker cabinets are made of solid wooden doors and frames. The frames are made in an away they do not collide or they do not extend to the to the storage space. It also ensures that the doors do not occupy the opening space. This is made possible the designing of flat sides. This style ensures that maximum storage space is maintained and also the opening of the door does not have any problem. The mahogany cabinets are made of very heavy duty soft close hinges. These soft close hinges are believed to have a use life of approximately 25000 uses. When you equate this in a proper mathematics is 15 years of usage. This feature enables it to give one the real value of his money.

The cabinets are also made of the soft close under mount tracks. The dovetailed method of construction is used to make drawers and boxes of the cabinet. The side panels of the cabinet and shelves are? lumber core materials. The cabinet is also made of full overlay frame which creates less spacing that is needed between the doors and the drawers. The interior part of the cabinet is made using a natural wood which is finished properly. With mahogany cabinets, exterior ends require a skin panel. The horizontal pieces of these doors are fused with vertical pieces. The joints of these doors are made in a way they look as decorations derail which promotes the outlook of the door. The mahogany shaker cabinets are ideal in any kitchen and they suit people who want their kitchens to look wonderful and excellent. When needing a perfect look of your kitchen, then mahogany shaker cabinets need to be your choice.