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Shop American Style Cabinets

Ready to assemble, or RTA, cabinets come in flat boxes filled with all the separate parts. It is a bit of a project (especially if you are working alone) but with basic tools assembling our RTA cabinets make a simple "Do It Yourself" project. The cabinets are easy to assemble but if you need additional help you can watch our assembly instruction videos. By buying RTA cabinets and installing them yourself, you are renovating your kitchen in the most cost efficient way. Shipping the cabinets disassembled in flat boxes is also the most cost effective way to ship an entire kitchen to your door. The result of all these cost effective measures is that you can get a full kitchen cabinet remodel with quality cabinets made of real solid wood doors and frames starting at $1790.00! Depending on your choice of cabinets, you may even get additional features included for free; like soft-close hinges and soft close drawer tracks. Another option available to you would be to order all your cabinets from us and then hire a professional cabinet installer to install them. This plan could take a few days, and you will have to pay more for the installers but you will probably spend less than you would by hiring out the installation work and the designer/contractor to plan and pick out cabinets for you. At you will see the value of every penny you spend.
As the name should imply, our pre-assembled kitchen cabinets come assembled and ready to install in your kitchen or bathroom. After we assemble the cabinets they go through a rigorous inspection to check that all the cabinets are in good condition. Although our RTA cabinets are easy to assemble, some people worry about their ability to assemble them correctly. With pre-assembled cabinets you will have no reason to worry about assembly, missing parts, or not having the right tool for the job. The only thing you have to do is mount them to the wall. Ordering pre-assembled cabinets can save you money and time since it makes it easier for you to do all the work yourself so you don't have to hire any professionals. Our pre-assembled prices start from $2291.00 which is about 25% more than the RTA cabinets. It should also be mentioned that there are a few semi-custom cabinet lines that are available as pre-assembled but not available in our ready to assemble category.

Shop European Style Cabinets

The cocoa flat panel is an European style cabinet. It has a look that resembles dark natural wood color and grains. This makes Cocoa a good choice for kitchens with wood floors and natural wood furniture. Our Milan cabinets excel in kitchens with cool colors or lighter colors but Cocoa is perfect for warmer, more traditional kitchens that still have a need for a contemporary style. Flat panel cabinets, like Cocoa, are becoming a more popular selection because they give kitchens a simple and clean look. These flat panel cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and they are extremely easy to clean. If you want to know more about the Cocoa and what makes it unique, Click HERE to get more details.
The Milan flat panel is an European style cabinet. This style is becoming more popular and it tends to differentiate itself from any of its American style counter parts. The Milan panels have a wood grain pattern in a rich and beautiful gray. Flat panel cabinets, along with Shaker, are currently the two most popular choices for new cabinets and that is expected to continue trending. Like all of our European style cabinets, Milan works very well in larger kitchens that have a lot of large cabinets. You can be one of the first to surprise and amaze your friends and family with a European style kitchen. If you want to know more about the Milan and what makes it unique, Click HERE to get more details.
Our Piano Paint White Gloss is a glossy white flat panel cabinet. Its namesake is a reference to its impossibly smooth white panels that resemble clean bright white piano keys. In modern and contemporary kitchens, white cabinets are among the most popular colors. Our Cocoa and Milan both have wood grain patterns but the White Gloss line stands out with it's clean and simple appearance. Much like our other European style cabinets, our Piano Paint White Gloss uses 3/4 inch thick plywood panels for the body of the cabinet. These thick premium plywood panels make the cabinets beautiful and durable. The clean white of the Piano Paint White Gloss matches well with most flooring and countertops. These extra glossy cabinets also pair well with stainless steel appliances. You can be the very first in your neighborhood to have the most modern kitchen available and turn your ordinary kitchen into a truly luxurious kitchen.
Everyone is familiar with charcoal briquettes that are used for grilling and BBQing at family gatherings. Nearly everyone is familiar with charcoal as a color for things like cars and suits. Not that many people think about charcoal as a color for their kitchen cabinets. Our Charcoal Gloss is our cabinet line with high gloss dark grey doors. Currently grey cabinets are a rising trend. Soon, they are expected to be one of the most popular cabinet choices, if not the most popular choice if and when it overtakes white. Unlike our Shaker Grey, which is more of a light grey, our charcoal grey resembles a slate grey and it provides an excellent contrast to lighter colored kitchens. You will not have trouble pairing the Charcoal Grey with lighter countertops or stainless steel appliances. Much like our other European style cabinets, our Piano Paint Charcoal Gloss uses ? inch thick plywood panels for the body of the cabinet. If you are looking for an impressive glossy cabinet you should consider how incredible your kitchen will look filled with our Charcoal Gloss cabinets.
Our Piano Paint Silver Gloss is a glossy flat panel cabinet. Unlike the White and Charcoal Gloss options that provide a stable solid color, the Silver gloss shines with millions of tiny reflective elements in a bright silver. If you love the Charcoal gray but are looking for a much brighter cabinet option then the shiny metallic silver might be perfect for your kitchen. Much like our other European style cabinets, our Piano Paint Silver Gloss uses 3/4 inch thick plywood panels for the body of the cabinet. These thick premium plywood panels make the cabinets beautiful and durable. The shiny silver of the Piano Paint Silver Gloss provides a lively balance to dark uniformed countertops or floors in solid colors. These beautiful cabinets work well in kitchens cabinets, bathroom vanities, garage or hall cabinets, or even small kitchen nooks in office break rooms.
You might be asking: What are thermofoil cabinets? Thermofoil is one of the more affordable techniques for making cabinets and cabinet doors. A thermofoil door is usually a panel made from MDF, or some other engineered wood, with a plastic surface stretched and fitted over it to provide countless options of colors and patterns for you cabinets. It is becoming more and more popular to have kitchen cabinets with flat panel doors. Here at we carry two types of flat panels: Textured Finish and High Gloss. The High Gloss flat panel cabinets have a very glossy finish and they come in a very wide range of colors. The most popular are the Pure White, Chrome, Off White, Chic Charcoal, and Charcoal Gray. The Textured Finish is a surface finish that has tactile characteristics like roughness, waviness, and lay. This allows the surface to appear and vaguely feel like various types of wood. Thermofoil cabinets have a good resistance to moisture. This is why these types of cabinets are used by many people who live in areas with heavy annual rain, near water, or in damp environments. It's resistance to moisture makes themofoil a great choice for bathroom vanities. Much like the other flat panel options in our European style cabinets, all of our thermofoil doors are simple flat panels so they are incredibly easy to clean when compared to traditional wood cabinet doors. There will always be some kind of drawback with any kind of cabinet. None of them are perfect. Although they resist moisture, heat and water will cause some issues with Thermofoil cabinets. Extreme heat can cause the surface to peel off of the MDF. If this happens not only will it look bad but it leaves the door susceptible to water damage. The good news is that the techniques of thermofoil have improved over the years and as long as you take care of your cabinets the heat and water issues should never come up. The combination of the great price and the plethora of color options make thermofoil cabinets a great choice if you are looking for some attractive cabinets at a discount price.

Bathroom Vanities

Here at we provide both pre-assembled bathroom vanities as well as ready to assemble bathroom vanities. All of our various color and style options that we carry for our RTA kitchen cabinets have corresponding bathroom vanities so that your cabinets in your bathroom can match the cabinets in the kitchen and the rest of your house if you choose to do so. We also carry a number of additional pre-assembled bathroom vanities for you to choose from. Most of the bathroom vanities that come pre-assembled include counter tops and will be shipped by freight only.

If you are interested in ordering pre-assembled bathroom vanities from our RTA bathroom vanity selections, please go to Pre-assembled Cabinets, then select the style you like, and click the vanity tab.

Click HERE to shop for any of the unique designed pre-assembled vanity cabinets.