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Everything you need to know about RTA Cabinets

1. What does RTA refer to?

When remodeling your kitchen, you are bound to hear the term “RTA cabinets.” Nearly all kitchen cabinets fall into one of three categories: Custom, Semi-custom, and RTA. RTA stands for Ready to Assemble. These are cabinets for your kitchen or bathrooms that come in preset sizes and a variety of colors. RTA companies tend to have base and wall cabinets ranging from 9 inches to 36 inches wide in each of their color options. Like other RTA cabinet companies, we will pack each of your cabinets into cardboard boxes to be shipped right to your house.

2. What are the advantages of RTA cabinets?

There are several advantages in buying RTA cabinets over other kinds of cabinets. As their names should imply, both Custom and Semi-custom cabinets are custom made for you after you order them. This means that their cabinets are usually good quality and prohibitively expensive. Naturally, there is also an inevitable waiting period that you will have to deal with. All of our RTA cabinets come in 3-inch increments, for example, the width of a wall cabinet can be 9 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, etc. So even though your cabinets are not custom built for the space in your kitchen, with so many size options, there will never be more than one or two areas in your kitchen with a few inches of dead space between your cabinets. Unlike Custom or Semi-custom companies, RTA cabinets are stockpiled in a warehouse so your cabinets will be ready to ship to you shortly after you place an order. The most obvious advantage you get when buying RTA cabinets is the price. There are plenty of very low-end RTA cabinet providers out there with very low prices and low-quality products. offers very high-quality RTA cabinets that are equal to or even superior to many Custom and Semi-custom cabinets. Even though our quality is so good, our prices still reflect that of many RTA companies. Our cabinets come with the excellent quality of custom cabinets but at less than half the cost.

3. Why are RTA cabinets getting more popular?

With quality and prices like that, it is no wonder that the popularity of RTA cabinets has grown. Decades ago, it was safe to say that any RTA cabinet was going to be of noticeably lower quality when compared to the likes of Custom and Semi-custom cabinets. But in the last 10 to 15 years this has changed. RTA cabinet companies offering high-quality cabinets, like ours, started popping up with more frequency. This created a new option for customers who want quality cabinets at a better price. Many homeowners are looking for quality cabinets at a low price, but they are not the only people driving the popularity of RTA cabinets. House flippers, landlords, and anyone looking for cabinets to remodel several kitchens, all utilize RTA cabinets so that they can provide a lasting functional kitchen at a price that makes sense to their business model.

4. Are RTA Cabinets hard to assemble?

Different products do vary from one company to another, but at we provide you with all the cabinet parts that you will need in the individually packed cabinet boxes. Common tools and a basic DIY knowledge are usually enough to assemble and install the cabinets into your kitchen or bathroom. The majority of the work involves screwing bolts and screws into predrilled holes, so average household power tools like a cordless drill/driver will make the assembly process a lot faster. Having a second pair of hands to hold certain pieces of the cabinet in place will also make the whole process a lot faster.

5. What can I do if I don’t want to assemble the cabinets myself?

Even though our cabinets are very easy to work with, many people choose to hire a handyman or cabinet installer to do the work for them. For many, this is an option that is both faster and less stressful because you are putting the project in the hands of a professional. If you are doing a full kitchen remodel you will probably need to hire help for the flooring and/or countertops. The most convenient option for many is to hire a contractor or handyman who can also help you install the cabinets as well.

We also offer the option to have your cabinets shipped to you Pre-Assembled. This means that we will open the boxes and assemble the cabinets for you and then shipped to your location. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to have the cabinets professionally assembled and doesn’t mind the extra cost. As a rule-of-thumb, buying pre-assembled cabinets adds about 25%-30% to the final cost.

6. Where can I find RTA cabinets?

RTA cabinets are sold by many different online retailers. You can also find normal brick and mortar cabinet retailers with showrooms where you can walk and see what they have to offer. Many RTA cabinet retailers will get their cabinets from other cabinet wholesalers. All of these options have their benefits. A normal cabinet retailer will have the kitchen displays to see and feel before making your purchase. You can also pick up your cabinets that day in need be. But these physical locations will not always have the best prices like wholesalers or some online cabinet retailers. Furthermore, the selection of cabinet colors and styles is almost always going to be less than what you will find online. Online retailers have the advantage of large cabinet selection, but you have to take a lot of time to carefully research their cabinets and make sure that you are getting a quality cabinet. If you can find a cabinet wholesaler then you might be able to get a very good price but wholesalers stay in business by providing cabinets to contractors, so many of them do not have the kind of full customer service that you are looking for.


The nature of RTA cabinets makes it impossible to get the same numbers of slight variations in colors that you can expect with some custom cabinet makers. But don’t think that you won’t have a lot of options just because you choose RTA cabinets. has dozens of colors and styles of cabinets to choose from. We have a variety of colors in the shaker style, the raised panel, and the flat panel Euro style cabinets. Even within those styles, there are more variations to choose from with some raised panel cabinets being glazed or antique styles. Our flat panel Euro doors are also made in a variety of sub-categories like Thermofoil, textured melamine, and high gloss.

Whatever you are looking for, we have the selection to meet your needs.